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Our goals

  1. To conduct research in the fields of experimental philosophy, social psychology, and linguistics, with particular emphasis on experimental semantics.
  2. To create a facility that would serve for the purpose of conducting such research, including an empirical one, by the University staff but also by students at the Institute of Philosophy (by that we mean students who major in philosophy, cognitive science, and bioethics).
  3. To develop methods in experimental philosophy. Since experimental philosophy is an emerging undertaking, its methods are still being shaped. For example, some researchers exchange questionnaires with other instruments of empirical research.
  4. Improved support for the education concerning empirical research in the fields of social studies and linguistics, such as experimental methods, statistical data analysis, and programming skills with a view to computation and visualization of results.
  5. Maintenance and development of tools and skills acquired during the realization of experimental philosophy grants at the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Philosophy over the past few years (including the facility itself, the website, technical equipment, and databases).